Monster Mash Hangover

just did a random sketch tonight. its like a hot mess bride of frankenstein, thought it would be kinda fun. can you tell im excited for halloween???

anyway, realized that no drawing will be 'perfect', so might as well just try. tired of perfectionism! its a problem for so many artists...=( .....=D
i have tons of work work to do so more posts coming, later


Ted Blackman said...

WOW! Nice drawing and silhouette.
Fell down the rabbit hole and stumbled onto your blog somehow, nice work but I can't remember how I got here. Forgot to drop breadcrumbs :(

Ted Blackman said...

Yeah, regarding Egon Schiele, he was part of a whole movement. I went to a show in New York called 'Vienna 1900", it was full of original Schiele's, Klimt's and Mucha's and their contemporaries from that period. Blew my socks off.

Laura Z said...

THANKS Ted for the comments! yeah i hate when i forget to drop breadcrumbs and stumble too far, haha

wow very cool, i wish i could have been to a show like that, that era was great for figures and 'drawing' in gen it seems, so modern yet master draftsmen skills... !