Whats Going On

I've been very busy lately and haven't posted things the way I want to. I am going to make some huge changes to this blog soon! Hopefully then I can attract readers other than those who googled 'hot naked girls with snakes" (thanks blogger stats) =(
Since last year, I have worked at Cuppa Coffee as an Intern>Inbetweener>Animation/Fixing person>Production Co-ordinator, then did some cool stuff for MTV, and now I currently am working for an awesome social gaming studio in Manhattan; remotely though. Super busy fun year. Besides work, I have been:

 doing XXXXXX-treme sports 

in Arizona (I go often-LOVE it there, well, more the remote areas)

Drawing/Eating/People Watching

Walking Around

That reminds me, I need to upload my Arizona sketches as soon as I find them.
ALSO I went to CTN2010 which was amazing as well! Met so many talented and interesting people and ironically got to know my Toronto friends better as well ;) lets all keep in touch yes?


Lettie Lo said...

haha i thought there would be new art to see and look at!!!!!!!!!!!

o well at least i get to read about what you're up to! ha!

laura said...

Coming sooon just for u

chibiwow said...

Wow! What a bunch of goodies out there in Arizona, you just got envied by me. :D Looking forward for those sketches! wow account for sale

Matthew Lau said...

oo wanna see your new sketches~~ and love the skeleton banner

Chocolate Skulls said...

Great Stuff Laura! And Thanks for everything!