first life at society of illustrators

tried to add more style to my drawings after i got warmed up
faces arent hard for me so i'll focus on other stuff next
a lot of sitting
tons other interesting folks in room, will draw more

fancy name for such a fun lifedrawing session yesternight
rusty but still super inspired


people i work with

here are a few mini portraits i did on a project day at work awhile ago; corel painter, super short ones! and i swear on your life this is exactly what they look like

Rob; my deskbuddy fo lyfe

Shiho; token japanese gurllll

Wade; our fearless leader and CEO

Dave; he really looks like this but not as creepy

Daehan; part of the humidifier club

Sean; oh sean

Diana; intern with the mostest! 
Josh; CTO with the longest eyelashes award


take 2

I really really liked Rooney Mara's transformation
also the kind of thing you draw when you are exhausted

quick sketch

5 min
the kind of thing you draw when you are exhausted


Art for Water Charity Preview

this is a sample of my piece that I contributed for the art for water charity site that Jacqueline at Nelvana has started. I am playing it safe and will prob post the full tomorrow when her site is up!

update: here is the site where you can donate to a good cause! art for water !


nother doodle

=/ another warm up sketch. a princess. until i can show what i am working on!! So Excite! haha


Monster Mash Hangover

just did a random sketch tonight. its like a hot mess bride of frankenstein, thought it would be kinda fun. can you tell im excited for halloween???

anyway, realized that no drawing will be 'perfect', so might as well just try. tired of perfectionism! its a problem for so many artists...=( .....=D
i have tons of work work to do so more posts coming, later


Whats Going On

I've been very busy lately and haven't posted things the way I want to. I am going to make some huge changes to this blog soon! Hopefully then I can attract readers other than those who googled 'hot naked girls with snakes" (thanks blogger stats) =(
Since last year, I have worked at Cuppa Coffee as an Intern>Inbetweener>Animation/Fixing person>Production Co-ordinator, then did some cool stuff for MTV, and now I currently am working for an awesome social gaming studio in Manhattan; remotely though. Super busy fun year. Besides work, I have been:

 doing XXXXXX-treme sports 

in Arizona (I go often-LOVE it there, well, more the remote areas)

Drawing/Eating/People Watching

Walking Around

That reminds me, I need to upload my Arizona sketches as soon as I find them.
ALSO I went to CTN2010 which was amazing as well! Met so many talented and interesting people and ironically got to know my Toronto friends better as well ;) lets all keep in touch yes?



the story here is that only a few months ago i discovered the joys of Painter. Being the traditionalist I am, I've always had issues with Photoshop because it simply wasn't intuitive. I found Painter to be AMAZING for me. I was fiddling around with it, getting used to it and so I did a few fun pieces. (from youtube ref)


2 caricatures

2 celebrities, if you can't tell who they are, then I fail


its been awhile...i've just been so busy with work.
here is a dress



i think holts has a mohawked manniquin wearing a burberry trench on display right now

also blue lagoon baseball doodle that started with a mohawked egg


girl putting on coat

this is a girl putting on a coat, hmm

squarefoot show

late post! so this year i actually participated in the squarefoot show at awol(first time); i'm glad i was able to do 3 paintings despite it having been crunchtime at Cuppa. i guess they turned out ok for quicker paintings =)...im not sure of the quality of these photos so i took a few


rainy day

SOME kids i know are always playing video games or such and dont like being outside much...


something different

a drawing a day, i did this yesterday.