omg! i was watching a tvo thingie late at night a few months ago, and came across this EGON SCHIELE docu...id never seen this art before and i think i love it.i almost forgot his name and that made me sad. i just pulled these off google quickly,its basically life drawing, i love the style, the feeling of the lines. very wild and i guess very sexual...this was that time around klimt was doing his thing, and i think he was influenced by the things going on at that time, prostitutes, his sister
i cant wait to find some books on this artist, he was very young i think


justin said...

cool style, I like! Hope life is going well outside of the brick fortress!

Ken Tam said...

those are so fxxxking koo

hodges said...

thats Egon Shiele, he came after Klimpt, and was very much inspired by him, both are easily some of my favs ever