i have a question. does anyone know a good way to paint in the bg color if i forgot to create a seperate layer without having to do it by hand and have it look shitty like this?


Mitch K said...

Did you draw this in Photoshop, too? Next time, draw on a new layer! (not on the white background layer) And then flood fill the layer under it to easily change bg colours. Yay! :D

Mitch K said...

PS: your artwork is always awesome! and you're younger than me...? =)

laura zheng said...

ugh i guess theres no quick fix.....oops

hmm am i? how old are u..

SteGo said...

Hi Laura,

I know this is late for an answer to your question and you must have had help on this matter, but just in case...
Use the magic wand and select your white BG, now using the paint bucket fill it with the color you wish as a BG. You may have to do some touch up around your character to fill nooks, but nothing tedious.

But of course it's always better to have separate layers as we know it by now.

Have fun and keep on creating, you're very talented!