scion driver

ive started actively working on my 4th year film
still doin my co-op tho!


Mitch K said...

Cool drawing! Hope that coop is going well.

Yeaaa, I like to draw cartoony cartoons. I hate doing all of that fake 'stylized' stuff.

Fourth year for you!? Wow, good luck with your film! I actually quit school last year, so I won't be making it to fourth year. haha

Anonymous said...

whoa this looks so green hereee

Anonymous said...

what?? really? wow i hope u do great on ur future endeavors mitch
im too lazy to log in

Ken said...

interesting work u got here, i like your style

Ken said...

cheers for droppin by me old blog -

aye Im fae Scotland lol how cool is that!? :D